Our doctors and services

Ron Berne, M.D.
Dr. Berne is a native Chicagoan and has been practicing since 1994. His professional training includes  published research in zoological sciences, and a masters degree in adipose tissue metabolism and molecular growth factors.  He completed his formal dermatology training at Cook County Hospital and is board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology.  While his area of special interest lies predominantly  in geriatric skin conditions, he enjoys caring for patients of all ages and backgrounds. He has advanced training in such areas as geriatric dermatology, skin cancer education,  and the skin manifestations of internal diseases. In addition, Dr. Berne has gained membership in numerous dermatologic professional societies {including the prestigious Great Lakes Dermatological Society} through which he continues to advance his specialty training. When away from the office he enjoys many hobbies including long distance bicycling, smokin'good  BBQ  , and waiting for a Cubs world-series.

 Shruthi Reddy, M.D.

Dr. Reddy was raised in the suburbs of Chicago and then attended the University of Michigan where she received her degree in Business Administration. She returned to Chicago and completed both her medical school and formal dermatology training at the prestigious University of Illinois Medical Center, and is board-certified by the Americal Board of Dermatology. Dr. Reddy, who has published research in the areas of contact dermatitis, vitiligo, mastocytosis and dyschromatoses, is skilled in both medical and surgical dermatology and treats patients of all ages.  She lives in Chicago with her husband, son, and daughter, enjoying all the city has to offer.

Lizbeth Valle, L.E.

Please visit our Esthetic page to read about Liz, how she can improve your complexion,and to learn about MONTHLY SPECIALS, HOLIDAY AND GIFT CERTIFICATE OPPORTUNITIES




The Benefits of being a patient at A & G:

Your medical, surgical, or complexion concerns or questions can all be addressed at our office.

  • We take a personal approach to the care and needs of every patient.
  • Open every day and many evenings for your convenience.
  • WHEEL-CHAIR ACCESSIBLE {ground floor office}.
  • X-Trac laser phototherapy on-site for psoriasis and vitiligo.
  • PDT {photodynamic therapy} An excellent field-treatment for  Actinic Keratoses {pre-cancerous lesions}
  • Narrow-Band UVB phototherapy on-site.
  • Licensed medical esthetician on-site - please see our esthetics page

Patients of every age are welcome

We are a Medicare-friendly office

The X-TRAC Excimer Laser

If you have Psoriasis or Vitiligo, and are looking for a fresh, comfortable approach to your treatment, please call us for an appointment to see if this exciting excimer laser treatment option is right for you.

--Most insurance plans will cover this therapy
LATISSE [TM allergan inc.]

Latisse is now available at our office as a buy-one-get-one-free special offer, available by prescription only.

Do you desire to have longer, thicker, darker eyelashes?? Now there is a safe, easy, topical medical treatment to improve the appearance of your eyelashes. Latisse is available by prescription only and is FDA approved.  An examination is required by a physician.

For more information about Latisse, Click Here

Some of the Dermatologic Services we offer:
  • Skin Cancer prevention, diagnosis, removal, treatment, and education.
  • Treatment plans for acne, psoriasis, warts, rashes, and skin infections. 
  • Patch testing for contact dermatitis.
  • PDT * {photo-dynamic therapy}: field-treatment for pre-cancerous skin lesions
  • Excimer X-TRAC laser system for Psoriasis and Vitiligo.
  • UVB  {narrow-band} (specialized wavelength of light for psoriasis, vitiligo and chronic eczema) .
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic rashes.
  • Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions.

    *Please visit www.dusaphama.com/forpatients {actinic keratosis section} to learn more about Photo Dynamic Therapy

Complexion / Cometic Services include:

  • Varilite Laser: for unwanted superficial vascular lesions, and sun- freckles  {lentigines}
  • Chemical peels for a wide variety of clinical purposes
  • Consultations for Latisse
  • Skin tag removal
  • Licensed medical esthetician on-site

On-site specialty dispensary of skin products to enhance your complexion:  

Our products are natural and many can be used as an alternative to certain prescription medications. Involving these in your skin care program may lead to clearer complexions, enhancement of certain cosmetic procedures,more youthful skin texture, longer remissions from chronic skin conditions, or avoidance of the possible side effects from some prescription medications. Be sure to ask our esthetician how these fine  products may be used in your skin care plan.

Common Skin Conditions Evaluated and Treated:

  • Acne
  • Warts
  • Infections of the skin
  • Eczema
  • Sexually-Transmitted skin disease
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Pre-cancerous skin lesions {Actinic Keratoses}
  • Contact Dermatitis / patch testing
  • Moles (nevi)
  • Medication reactions [drug rashes]
  • Nail disease and infection
  • Psoriasis [X-TRAC excimer laser, and NB-UVB phototherapy on-site] 
  • Vitiligo  [X-TRAC excimer laser]
  • Rashes, inflammatory skin conditions -- both acute and chronic
  • Skin cancer surgery
  • Minor surgical procedures are done on-site and can be planned according to your schedule.

For   Skin Rejuvenation Treatments*, and Acne Scarring:  [ *sun damage, fine lines, shallow wrinkling, blotchiness]

  • Facial Peels, and Microdermabrasion for a acne sequelae, rough, sun-damaged, or 'blotchy' complexion.
  • Specialty skin-care product dispensary for texture, and fine lines
  • Many options including gentle Glycolic Acid chemical peels, for shallow acne scars, fine lines, texture and ' freshness'  of your complexion. 

Please visit our new and expanded Esthetics page,   and check out our monthly special offers.

We have Tuesday and Thursday evening appointments

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